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Gator Crates provides eco-friendly reusable plastic moving crates for residential, commercial and college moving needs throughout Kansas City and Surrounding Areas.

Why are we believers in plastic versus cardboard?

We’re helping to save the planet:

Our plastic crates can be reused over 250 times.  Cardboard that is not recycled makes up almost 10% of all urban landfills. Americans could save 122 million trees, 441 million gallons of oil and 65 million cubic yards of landfill every year if they used plastic instead of new cardboard boxes for their residential moves.

We’re helping to save you money:

Helping the planet also saves you money. Using Gator Crates costs you 50% less on average than cardboard and supplies.

We’re helping to save you time:

  1. Collecting cardboard boxes can take you 3 to 4 hours.
  2. Gator Crates delivered to You: 0 hours.
  3. Building up cardboard boxes can take 2 to 3 hours (and requires tape and other supplies); with Gator Crates you just fill them and snap they shut. You don’t have to waste time breaking down Gator Crates or disposing of them as you would with cardboard. You simply stack them and wait for us to pick them up.

More about Our Crates:

Gator Crates are delivered clean and disinfected to your current address and conveniently picked up from your new home. With cardboard boxes you have to pick them up, assemble them (with tape), pack them (more tape), and then break down again (cut through the tape). They can also carry dirt and critters. Gator Crates are nestable and stackable. They include attached lids that snap shut. They are made in the USA. They are easy and convenient and they are quickly replacing cardboard as the only packing option when you move.

We also have dollies, eco-smart plastic reusable wardrobes and environmentally friendly packing material.

Gator Crates:

Requires no assembly and no tape
Is water resistant
Has easy-grip handles which makes carrying it easy
Never loses its bottom! Your stuff stays put no matter how heavy you pack it

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