Moving Crates - Made Easy

Are you moving in the next few weeks?

Is the thought of packing all your stuff and spending lots of money on your move giving you stress? We're going to show you how to simplify things and save some cash at the same time. Wouldn’t it be cool if a company would deliver plastic moving crates right to your door that were ready to pack, didn't need tape, and were 50 times stronger than cardboard? We started that company for you.

Gator Crates vs. Cardboard Boxes

•Unlike cardboard boxes, our crates are tough, puncture resistant and leak resistant.
•Our crates are easier to pack, stack & move.
•You don't have to run around buying boxes or scrounging them from grocery stores because we deliver them right to your door.
•Cheaper than buying cardboard boxes.
•The ergonomic handles make them safer and easier to lift. These are the same industrial strength crates used by warehouses.
•If you require additional security, the lids can be fastened with a zip tie.

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